Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

Visnyk of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

Scientific Papers

Editor-in-Chief V. Sheiko
Founded in 1999

UDC [008+316.77+378](062.552)
ISSN 2522-1132 (Online), ISSN 2410-5333 (Print)

Founding and publishing - Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

Approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ╣ 1328 of 21.12.2015 as a Specialist Social Communications Publication

Sertificate of state registration of the printed mass media, series ╩┬ ╣13567-2541đ of 26.12.2007

The scholarly journal "Visnyk of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture" is submitted on the portal ( in the information resource ôScientific Periodicals of Ukraineö, in bibliographic databases ôUkrainika scientificö and ôDjereloö, is being indexed in the bibliographic database ôRussian Science Citation Indexö (Licensed agreement ╣ 59-02/2016) and in the Web search engine Google Scholar, is registered ISSN International Centre (Paris, France): ISSN 2522-1132 (Online), ISSN 2410-5333 (Print)

The proceedings present the results of the scientific studies on the issues of Social Communications. For researchers, teachers, applicants of scientific degrees and academic titles.

Frequency: twice a year